Company Industry: 
Outdoor, Ski, Angling, Mountain Lifestyle
Company Portfolio Projects: 
Brand History Book; 2008 Editorial and Product Text for Fall, Winter and Spring Catalogs; 2005 Angling Lookbook and Catalog for Line Launch; 2007 Fall and Spring Catalog and Web Text; Company Tagline

As the brand that sparked a soft shell revolution, Cloudveil grew from a small Jackson Hole movement into an internationally respected brand in 10 short years. Since we began working with them in 2001 and developed the “Inspired Mountain Apparel” tagline, Crucible Creative has been the sole written voice of the mountain culture company.

The characteristic tone we created as copywriter for eight years and catalog editor since 2008 translated the grassroots vibe of the brand into an aspirational mountain-town voice. In addition to providing creative and editorial input on major marketing projects each season, the seasonal product copy we penned contributed a bottom-line impact to the rapid growth of their direct-sales business. And, to set the right tone as they prepared to sell the brand, the two company founders selected us to tell their story in the 62-page 2007 Cloudveil Brand History book.